Ebola orphan
The world's worst Ebola outbreak killed over 11,000 people in West Africa in 2013-16.  In Sierra Leone, one of the three worst-hit nations, over 3,900 people perished.
Thousands, like this girl in Port Loko, Sierra Leone, were orphaned. 
But amid the tragedy, there were small moments of happiness, as like this girl, thousands received new mattresses and supplies, and families, communities and even strangers came together to care for each other.
As the initial virus containment phase wound down, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) took the lead in the UN's efforts to help survivors get back on their feet, and get the hardest-hit nations moving and growing again. 
Freedom from fistula
Ms Ambia, 50, from Dhaka, Bangladesh, lived with an obstetric fistula for 25 years.
Fistula is a serious and tragic childbirth injury - a hole between the vagina and bladder, rectum or both.
Fistula destroys lives. Patients suffer chronic incontinence, constantly leaking urine or faeces through the vagina.
But fistula's worst impact is psychological. The incontinence emits a foul smell, bringing the woman intense, constant shame.
With support from the UN, Ms Ambia has finally had surgery to fix it, and through healing, is rebuilding her life and rekindling her sense of hope and dignity.
Cozy in Cambodia
No one actually knows how old Romam is, they just know that she’s blind, and has loads of good stories to tell.
Romam has lived her whole life in the remote north-east Cambodian village of Sakreang, seeing through the Vietnam war, the brutal reign of the Khmer Rouge, the Vietnamese invasion and successive political change.

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